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A Teletype Page

Hal Hunt k9kkd from Decatur, Indiana 12/21/02
Check out the panel lights on the SX-28

Saturday, December 21, 2002, I walked into a wonderland of old radios, old radio shop, parts bins and shelving units and of course, the focus of my trip, the teletype equipment!
Hal, k9kkd, a 74 year old gentleman from Decatur, Indiana who stands eye-to-eye with my 6'2" frame has the love and care in his talk and his fingers of old glowbug equipment.  From the warm glow of the SX-28 to the clatter of the Model 19 machine, from the reperforator to the tape printer clucking away, from my roaming up and down the aisles between the neat shelving units "plum full" of tubes and every imaginable part to standing in front of his old metal turning lathe that he just keeps around to turn something down every now and then...I was in glowbug paradise.
These pictures are just a few of the ones
showing the man and his work.

The Model 19 is being readied for a trial run!

Tape printer, left and reperforator, middle
Hal tested everything for me - it all runs well!

Hal's Office - Great, eh? He loves his radios!
He does all his glowbug/antique radio work here!

click here to play video clip of a Model 19 in action!

Mechanical Communications!
What a thrill to hear a Model 19 as it's
 typing out its message.
I've been told about it in the past...
But hearing is believing!
Please feel free to write me with
any suggestions and comments in
 this exact science of
teletype communications.
If you have pictures you'd like to share,
please down-load them in jpg. or gif. form.
Any text  with directions or set-up of
Model 15 or Model 19,
 I'll include them here.