The Radio Room

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What is MED?

welcomekdgqtransp.gif MED!

Midwest Experimental Division is an interesting concept of participation in Electronics and Amateur Radio especially when you consider it was born in the minds of two teen-agers back in the early sixties.  Steve wa0mmz and Dave w9ocm (ex-k0hsd) wanted to encourage others to enjoy radio.   Enjoyment that would include finding and restoring older pieces of radio equipment, building and using one's own receivers and transmitters and designing antenna systems that would fit in the budget and the space available and most importantly, work!
Several different avenues of getting the word out about MED has transpired over the years:  a monthly newsletter, a club, even a monthly magazine was tried.  However, since the Internet has come into our lives, it seems to be the most viable means of publishing such a venture!
STICK AROUND...let's have some fun!