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My Hummer Experiences

August 16, 2003 will long be remembered as the day I got to take my first drive in a military Hummer.
My new friend, Ken, from Auto Dynamics Collision on the eastside of Indianapolis showed me the rig, let me take a short drive in it and then graciously took me on a tour of Auto Dynamics, a first-class, super high-tech auto rebuild center.
Now on to the Hummer...

This Hummer with Serial #107117 probably has some history behind it.
Doubtful it has seen any overseas duty, but this Hummer has seen plenty of state-side responsibilities, I'm sure.
As Ken explained, after its military tour of duty, it was used by a sheriff's department within the State of Indiana.
Today's Hummer is recognized world-wide with much of the credit going to two major conflicts.  Just as its predecessor's image, the Jeep, the Hummer stands as a symbol of ingenuity, freedom, might and the American way!

The American Flags Were Put On For A July 4th Parade - NICE!

Since The Photo Was Taken Against The Sun, It's Hard To See My Big Smile!

This Ken, The Owner's Father

The "World Famous" Hummer Front End...

None of the comforts of home, but that's okay with me!

This Is The View The Competition Gets!

Guess Who's Driving?

All other SUV's and 4-wheel drives
just play "follow-the-leader"
when they're compared to a